Monday, March 21, 2011

Why are the Easiest the Hardest

Okay, will someone please tell me why, when it comes to what food I put in my mouth I seem to continually make the WRONG choices. It seem that I am pretty good for a little while but in the end I seem to go right back to the wrong stuff. I want to eat healthy and really it isn't all that hard to do, but I keep making the choice to put that bag of chips in my belly instead of that apple. I don't really have much weight to loose it mostly a "feel better about myself kind of thing" but for me, at this age, I am really having a hard time sticking to the right choices. I bought a new diet book "The 17 day diet" There are four different levels with each one having different foods so that a person doesn't get bored And each level lasts 17 days . The author says that a person can stand anything for 17 days. Well he hasn't met me. I made a choice that I was really going to do this and it has been just two days and I am already making the choice to start again day after tomorrow. What a weakling. The bad thing about the whole thing is while I am eating the wrong stuff I will sit there and point out to myself that I am putting things that are off limits into my mouth, but it always tastes so good. What to do, what to do. Somewhere I have to find some determination(I used to have an abundance of the stuff) and make my good choices stick. I have to I am down to two pair of pants that fit, and I am not going to buy any more. That is this weeks major choice. Choose to eat what I am supposed to. (Guess I better hide the chips)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Will I ever progress?

March came roaring in like a lion, so hopefully it will go out like a lamb. Missed last weeks weekly progress report because I don't like to report negative things. I just can't get myself moving. The mornings have been really hard because I haven't been sleeping very good, but the afternoon isn't working so great because I am tired. (does that sound like I am making the choice to makes excuses) I guess that is what I am doing. The sad thing is I really think that I would be able to sleep better if I would just follow through with my choice to exercise. So I am going to try.
I have been trying to figure out how I can make some extra money to help get caught up on some bills. I made the choice to make some headbands and have made forty dollars so far, hope I will sell more soon. I don't really want to work full time but that choice might be made for me. But what could I do, or what would I want to do. Substitute teaching has gotten me spoiled I kind get to make the choice when I work and when I don't. I am not sure how much I would like not being able to make that choice.
I made a big choice this week. I had to figure out some health insurance issues for myself. It was all so confusing but I think I made a good choice, at least I hope so. I guess I will find out as soon as I get sick and have to use it for something. (which I hope won't be in the near future.)