Sunday, January 22, 2012


Here it is the end of January already. It has been a dry warm winter and that makes me a bit worried about what the summer will be like. But like they say, worrying about it won't change anything so just enjoy what has been sent our way.
My son celebrated his 26th birthday yesterday. The choices he has made in his life has put him in a different place in his life than where I thought he would be at 26. But the last big choice he made has put him on the right track. I wish I could have wished him a happy birthday on the phone or in person, but he is on his Mission in Maryland so a card and package will have to do.
I looked back on the choices I made or tried to make last year and for the most part I did pretty good. The whole exercise thing still is an on going problem, but I have made the choice to be A LOT more focused. I have started swimming when I get off work and it seem to be working out good. I can swim for an hour and then get things done here at home or do my running around in town. I have set a goal of three days a week. So again I am going to have to make the choice to get myself there and I WILL do it.
I made the choice to take a part time job with the school district. I am a dept secretary. the work isn't hard and I do enjoy getting to know some new people so it is fun. I think it was a good choice and it will help me reach my goal of having plenty of extra cash floating around to do some fun stuff and go see our kids.
On of my friends lost her husband this past Christmas. I have had a hard time knowing what to do to show her how sorry I am for her loss and how much I want to be there for her. I don't know why I have had a hard time with this choice, whether to go visit or to just call, I don't want to intrude, but I want her to know that I care deeply. Wow, writing this down made my choice seem so clear. I need to go visit and let her know that she is important and that I do care.
I am going to be keeping this blog up to date. That is my new choice, I have enjoyed writing and I am learning a little about myself, some good some bad, but by seeing both sides I am able to make the choice to change the bad.
got to run.